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While my pizza was in the oven...

Disclaimer: this is my FIRST blog ever. This is way out of my #comfortzone, I'm a little nervous, and I might ramble, but next year I'm trying to step out of my comfort zone, so why not start on New Years Eve! So here I am, 7:30pm on New Years Eve, with no plans except what I'm having for dinner (gluten free frozen pizza and some cheap wine) Don't feel bad for me, I chose this life.

We are staying in on New Years Eve, not only because we've been traveling recently and it feels good to be home, but because we are #struggling... I know, I's not good to put that out into the #universe, I shouldn't even acknowledge it. I know. But Christmas took it out of us, and right now it seems like ALL the booth fees are due at the same time. Even though I shouldn't be putting this out there, I am. Because I feel like some one, some where, right now, is feeling this exact same way! ...and I'm here to tell you, I'm not giving up, and neither should you... Even though it might feel like nothing is going right, we should be extremely excited about this bright and shiny new year that is right around the corner. It's very exciting but also very scary doing what Dave and I do... Our sole income is traveling around the country going to #artshows; planting seeds, making sales, meeting people, shaking hands, kissing babies...and even though a lot of times it feels like we are gambling, I know there is NOTHING else I would rather be doing. ...and NO ONE else I would rather be doing this with. (but more on him later) So if you are feeling #defeated and #discouraged, even a little bit, I'm hear to #encourage you to never give up!!!!! You will never know how far you could fly, until you jump! This video has helped a lot since we started this #

business almost three years ago...I hope it can help you too!!!!

Happy New Year and I sincerely hope you have the best one yet!!!!!


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