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Fear and worrying in Los Angeles.

I #worry a lot.

I hate that I do, but I do.

I've heard that when you worry about things, you end up going through it twice. The "what ifs" you spent energy on before the actual event happened, and then the actual thing you were worried about. It's almost never as bad as you made it out to be in your head, and you just wasted a TON of energy on worrying about something that you probably can't do anything about in the first place. And if you CAN do something about it, you should get off your butt and work on it instead of worrying about it and being scared. (Speaking to myself here)

This unfortunately hasn't stopped me from worrying (I'm working on it!!!), now I'm just more aware of what I'm doing and then I worry about that too. Haha!

Dave has made a really fun thing up that if I start a sentence with "What if" he doesn't have to answer I've been pretty good at coming up with different ways to ask it. I think he's getting wise to it.

Yesterday we got accepted into this big event in Texas. It's pretty big Art and Music Festival and we are super excited about it!!!! BUT, we don't know many details about it yet. Like, how much the booth fee is, when the booth fee is due, or if we can even afford to do it...

Instead of just being excited about getting into this amazing event, I was filled with worry and fear, and all the "what if" questions crept into my head.

"What if"

-we don't have enough money to pay for this event, before the due date?

-the people going aren't going to like my art?

-we spend all of out money on a booth, and it's a bomb? ...and not the good kind.

-we can't afford NOT to do it?!

Unfortunately this whole business we are in is a gamble. We know this by now. We get into events and maybe they aren't as good as we were hoping, or the weather was bad and people didn't come out, or we made just enough to break even. BUT, there are also the other times...that it was an amazing show and it far exceeded our #expectations. The weather was beautiful, and there was absolutely NOTHING to worry about, but I let my head get in the way and decided to be miserable instead of enjoying the moment!!!!

We can't let the fear of the unknown, get in the way of living our best life.

Ralph Waldo Emerson said, "Always do what you are afraid to do." I truly believe there is no growth inside your #comfortzone, so we have to step outside of what's comfortable and do something that scares us in order to get where we want to be in life! Whether it's leaving a job that you don't feel appreciated at, getting out of a bad relationship, public speaking, getting your art out into the world, starting a blog, talking to that cute person you met the other day, starting your own business, or going back to school. #Greatness lies outside of our comfort zones!!!!

So this year, I'm trying to live with less fear and worry...I invite you to do that same!!

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