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Fun Facts

Fun Facts

-The "HMds" in HMdesignStudios is a combination of my husband and my initials.  He's not only been my Partner in Crime since 2007, but he now manages the business side of HMdS since it's inception in 2016.

-All of my pieces are made without computer, rulers, magnifying glasses, compasses, or stencils (yes that's a questions I get a lot).


-Everything I do is freehand!! 

-I normally work while I watch old tv show re-runs.  I've been through my FAVORITE show, Seinfeld, in it's entirety literally about 15 times.  Since then I've branched out, including, but not limited to Golden Girls, The Office, and Breaking Bad!  Each about 5 times.  

-We are currently traveling around the country in a decommissioned Ambulance Sprinter.  Her name is Liz Lemon.  

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