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About Haylee

   My name is Haylee M. Shoop, and back in December of 2014 I had an "Aha" moment:  If I could do anything for the rest of my life, it would be to create art!  


   But First, let's start at the beginning!  

   I grew up dad was an illustrator but I chose Dancing as my art form.  

Starting at age 3, I took all forms of dance and found myself at age 20, dancing professionally with Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines.  I LOVED every minute of's where I met my [now] husband and we've been together since 2007!  My time dancing unfortunately ended when I was 22, when I found myself with two ruptured discs in my back and needing surgery.  

 After my back surgery I redirected my life, and decided to move to California to pursue a career in Makeup.  I attended Cinema Makeup School in Los Angeles. Following school I started Freelancing and later began working at Knott's Berry Farm sculpting, running foam, and doing makeup for their annual event, Knott's Scary Farm.  I liked it, but I never really felt I found my voice...nothing ever made me feel the same way I did when I was dancing.  


   Cut to about December 2014, one of my best friends who is an amazing artist was working on a piece, and I felt like drawing too.  So I randomly started drawing these animals with lines and patterns in them!  I had no idea what "Zentangle" was or that the kind of stuff I was doing even HAD a name, but I fell in love!!!!!  

(Side note: looking back I remember always doing detailed doodles on notes in High School...  I actually remember getting a set of notes back with a stern "NOT PRODUCTIVE" written on my beautiful work in red pen!)  Stay in school kids, but be YOU and follow what makes your heart happy!  

  So January 1st, 2016 marked the last day at my day job and I began pursuing my art full-time.   Since then I have noticed a lack of stress...I no longer get sad on a Sunday evening because I have to go back to work on Monday. And an added perk... I get to spend my days with my favorites;  my amazing husband and my little pup Zootie!!!   I love that my "WORK" now is to travel around to different cities in different states, draw, and meet amazing people...It really is the best job!   I get to make people happy with something that I've created from my heart!!!  

   Everything that I do is freehand!!! I never use computers, stencils, compasses, rulers, or a magnifying glass!  It's just my steady hand, imagination, and good eye sight!  I just create what I feel!  

   Thank you so much for taking the time to visit my site!!!!!  I look forward to seeing you again or meeting you for the first time!!!!!  I'm always open to suggestions on new pieces, so if you want to leave me a note in the "Contact Us" section of my website, and keep a watch out on my Instagram you just may see your suggestion come to life!!!!!!!!






About Dave

  This one's name is Dave Shoop.  

  He does the other 50% of the business!  He books the shows, finds our campgrounds, and keeps a never ending supply of food in my system!!!!  

  He has been my rock throughout this whole crazy journey!  He's my biggest motivator and my positive voice when I lose my way.  

  Before even starting this business in January 2016, he said "you draw, and we'll figure this out" and that's what we did.  

  Dave is a jazz saxophonist by trade.  He studied at one of the top Jazz schools in the United States, The University of North Texas!  We met, however, when we were both working for Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines in 2007!  He was playing in the production shows, and I was dancing in them!  We've been together ever since and most recently got married on October 23, 2021!!!  


  I give him SO much credit for doing all that he does for this business!  Coming from a music background, not knowing anything about managing a visual artist...He's very resourceful, always wanting to learn something new, and ALWAYS ready to talk to the ones who have been in business for decades!!!!  

Thank you so much baby!  Without you, I can honestly say, this wouldn't even begin to be as successful as it is!!!  ...and this is only the beginning!!!


About Zootie

  This little thing is Zootie!!!!

  She has been stealing hearts, and customers since 2013!!!  


  We like to take her with us everywhere we can!!!!  She absolutely loves traveling, but this little sack of flour loves food even more!!!  


  Zootie is really good at cuddling after a long day (pictured).  


  So if you see her at an event, feel free to say hello, but don't bring her any treats because she's currently on a diet!!!

About Haylee
About Dave
About Zootie
About Sterling

About Sterling


This little nugget's name is Sterling!  He's been our little travel buddy since December 2022!  He's currently been to about 10 states and it's forever growing!  

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