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...just thanks.

I don’t think we could ever say it enough...  

We want to #thank EACH and EVERY ONE of you for everything you have done for us over these last few years!!!!  

If you have been around since the #beginning or are a new #collector...

Thank you for:

-Coming to see us at a show and saying hello!

-Complimenting my work...

-Buying a piece of #art…no matter how big or small! 

-Adding value to something that we are still trying to figure out.

-Being patient with us.

-Poking around my website and signing up for the mailing list!   

-Giving me suggestions for new pieces.

-Ideas for different shows that we should apply to!  

-Opening your home to us when we are in town.

-And just believing in us during this crazy journey!!  

Without all of your #support and #love, this #adventure wouldn’t exist!

Without each and every one of you we wouldn’t be where we are today!

From your moral support, to the support my art!  It means the WORLD to us!  

-with love,

Haylee and Dave

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