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Being your own boss!

It's a tough thing, owning your own business... You don't have anyone to answer to... No one is telling you what do to... Some people think it's the #dreamjob, but it DOES take a LOT of #motivation and #selfdiscipline. I'm constantly trying to be better about this... YOU have to be the one to #motivate yourself to create new work. YOU have to be the one to stick to a schedule throughout the day (I need to be better about this one). YOU have to keep good records for quarterly and end of year taxes (currently working on these) YOU have to constantly ask yourself, "Would I hire me?!" YOU need to treat your business like a business and it will pay you like one! Don't get me wrong, working for yourself, especially with something that you #created yourself is amazing!!!! And I'm so fortunate to have my #futurehusband Dave, be such a big part in this crazy journey with me!!

We started this business in the beginning of 2016 in our home state of California. Neither of us knew what we were doing, we both had left other jobs, and didn't have ANY money saved. (Looking back we maybe shouldn't have quit our jobs when we did, but I think that forced us to make it work. It would have been really easy to keep my job and try to do this on the weekends to see if this is something that we wanted to do. But I don't think we would've had the sense of urgency to do it, and make it happen as quickly) One day in 2015, I came home after a long day at my day job, and told him, "if I could do anything for the rest of my life it would be to draw!" So he said, "if this is something that you really want to do, you draw and we will figure this out!!" Those were some of the sweetest words that he's ever said! So now, we travel around in our decommissioned ambulance van, to different art shows across the US, and sell my art! We get to see each other all of the time, something that we didn't get to do when we both worked different schedules, for someone else.

When we first started the business, packed into our little car

We both met working on Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines. I was a dancer in the production shows, and he played the saxophone during the shows. So traveling was in our nature.

Now we get the see the US, and do something that is so personal to us!!! Something that really, we both created. People often ask Dave what he does, while we are at the shows... He likes to say that he does the other 50% of the business, but I think he does a little more than that. He's constantly finding new events, new shows, talking to the people that have been on the road doing shows for 15+ years. He's planning our next route, to the next city or state we will be driving to. And if we are at home, there always seems to be something that needs to be worked on, on the van. Currently, we are home for a couple months, so while I'm working on commissions and new pieces, he's building out more of our van, getting ready to go back out on the road in March. So if you are about ready to make the jump and start working for yourself, OR if you currently work for yourself, consider this as a virtual "High Five!!!!!!" Because there's nothing better than doing something you love, and being your own boss!


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I am so proud of you! We've told our story hundreds of times to admirers of your art while at shows across the country. No matter how many times I've heard it, it still makes me feel good to hear your kind words. Pending van repairs, tax deadlines, or booth fees seem to always be looming. That is part of Life. However, having hours to spend together, the happy look on patrons faces, and the time freedom to stop in the middle of Colorado somewhere to play disc golf for an hour while our dog runs full sprint and falls straight into a mossy lake... That Is Living!! The Peeks and Valleys of being an Entrepreneur will at times be stressfu…

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