Fun Facts


The "HMds" in HMdesignStudios is a combination of my boyfriend and my initials.  He's not only been my Partner in Crime since 2007, but he now manages the business side of HMdS since it's inception in 2016.

all of my pieces are made without computers, rulers, magnifying glasses, compasses, or stencils.  Everything I do is freehand!!

this is Zootie!!  She travels with us as many places as she can and loves meeting new friends!!!

I have probably thee worst sweet tooth ever!!!

I normally work while watching old tv show re-runs.  I've been through the whole series of Seinfeld, literally about 15 times.  Since then I've branched out a bit more. 

I hide a little heart in all of my pieces...have you found them all?!

We are currently traveling around the country in a decommissioned ambulance.  Her name is Liz Lemon.


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