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Art Prints

Beautiful prints matted to 8x10, 11x14, or 16x20.  They are as vibrant as the original!!

Our van is pretty big and I’m 5’11”...jp

Limited Edition Prints

These beauties are just as their name implies, limited!   I'm making a limited number of larger prints of my 18x24 originals.  There are five (5) larger size options included in this limited edition print section (18x24 to 36x48) and only a total of 200 will be made.  Each one is signed and numbered.  

Smaller open ended editions are available above!   

We haven’t been here since May... it’s S


You guys know the drill, these are the ones I did by hand!

P.S. this option is NEW for 2019! What a time to be alive!   



These beauties are one-of-a-kind and no prints will ever be made!  Snag them up before they are gone!!!


Inspirational Cards

Do you know anyone that could use a little inspiration?!  These cute cards will come with an envelope and ready to send off!  

Snowy Bear winte card by Haylee McFarland/HMdesignSudios

Winter Cards

These adorable winter cards are perfect for the holiday season!  Each card is hand embellished with snow and some tasteful glitter!  

handdrawn ornament, little animals, cute animal ornament


These little beauties are all Original and One of a Kind!  Made with Liquid Acrylic and Pen and Ink, they are perfect for your Christmas Tree or as a little Chatchke (that's THEE first time I've ever written or said that word) to adorn any space!



Because stickers!


The "30 Days Campaign"

Occasionally I like to challenge myself to get 30 small drawings done in 30 days!!!  


 Copyright (c) 2020 HMdesignStudios/Haylee McFarland


Permission must be granted to copy all or part of my art work. This art work may not be sold, duplicated on other websites, incorporated in commercial products, or used for promotional purposes in any manner without my written permission.